What is deep web?

We use only 4% internet of the total, left internet known as deep web, we cannot access that internet. We daily use many social media applications and it’s enough for us, but it’s not everything. Deep web contains all those websites which we can’t access by any normal search engine. I think all of you see those types of web pages which we can’t access directly. 


There are two types of the internet:

First known as the surface web, which we use in our daily life and second, known as hidden internet, which is hidden from our eyes. Basically, it is the division of the world wide web. The first part is the surface web, which contains 4% part and left is hidden internet which is divided into two parts: deep web and dark web.

In this article, we are going to talk about the deep web.

Deep web contains these types of pages which are not indexed on any search engine, it could be legal or illegal.

Now think yourself?
You are using internet from the past so many years, but did you ever see the database of any website, bank, government project, etc.
The answer is no.
But, it can be recorded on the server, but the question is, where it is?
For the access of these types of specific data, you must have the URL or a special address and you also need permission to access that information. It can be a login id or any type of authentication. You cannot access that without address because all deep web websites, information, pages are not indexed on any search engine.
For example, you cannot be able to access my google drive via any search engine until I didn’t share the address of my drive.

History of the deep web:

US Navy in the1980 hopes to make a platform for the secret agent, foreign dissidents, and police forces.
In 2004 the Navy cut its funding for the program and release the Tor project.
This personal browser uses volunteer laptop to bound signals around the globe, disguising the IP address of a PC, therefore, it’s supposedly cannot be traced.

Why we need deep web?
Let suppose you have some data which you want to share with some limited people’s for that, you use many types of privacy which will hide that data, that’s why we use deep web.

Final words: 

Access deep web is completely legal there is nothing like illegal, but if you access other personal information without permission then it will be illegal. You can surf the deep web through the Tor browser.

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